Monday, December 18, 2006

Party goes on, camera shy and 1000 oaks

Flashback: Sunday, December 17th

  1. George is in no mood to end the party (and neither is anyone else...), so even though he has to go to office on Sunday and has initially planned to leave for Mumbai by saturday evening, he rearranges plans, and stays back on saturday too, albeit with the condition that the party doesn't stop! And it doesn't..!
  2. We spend a quiet evening getting acquainted with my new camera - a Nikon D40 that Shreerang got for me. And we plan what accessories need to be bought for the camera...
  3. Come night, and we head to 1000 Oaks... the music there is awesome and spirits are high. Pallavi has joined us, and is in such high spirits, that she's singing loudly throughout! And Gullu has stayed back too, and when the clock strikes 12, we celebrate his birthday... Its a happy night for all of us!

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