Friday, December 15, 2006

Pampering, double treat and family

  1. Its good to be pampered (even if you have to pay for it!).... I go to the parlor and get a facial done... its just awesome to lie down, close your eyes and let someone give you a facial massage... The beautician's deft fingers know precisely how much pressure to apply and what points to press. Today, my skin feels so fresh and taken care of...
  2. As a treat to myself, I indulge in a bit of unplanned shopping and end up buying a couple of really nice cardigans (one is plain black and the other olive green with rhomboid designs on the breast) - and I get them dirt cheap! That's like a double treat!
  3. As the news spreads (shhh... its a secret yet, so I'm not stating it online), congratulations start pouring in. My family and relatives have always been very supportive and I can tell from their voices over the phone, that they are very thrilled for me! And since we don't get to talk so much over the phone, all phonecalls go on for more than 20 mins... there are lots of things to be discussed, news to be exchanged and appreciation and satisfaction to be expressed. One moment that particularly touches me is my mami telling me that they've all missed me at my cousin's birthday party, and that he'd liked a particular book that I had gifted him so much, that they'd turned all bookshops upside down before they found another in the same series! :-)


aparna k. said...

Hey...Is the book the one we found at crosswords after talking to that plump little bespectacled schoolgirl who looked like she knew 'everything' (and she also did - she pointed us to aisles with some 'in' books for children, remember? :-) ) == books where you can mix and match endings (and we thought that was a fun idea)...Or was it the Faster Fenay series in Marathi? :-)

Rashmi said...

Bingo! That's the one... I still remember that smart little girl, and how both of us had been stunned by her confidence, and how we'd thought that she was absolutely adorable! BTW, crossword just had a month long sale, but somehow or the other, I missed going... not that that makes me very sad, because I'm right now on a 'no buying more books'... no place to keep them - have to get a book-rack first!